The Fitness Unlimited Difference

Other than our name, what makes Fitness Unlimited different than other gyms?

Plain and simply put, the difference between FitnessUnlimited2 and the others is that we can show you that your getting results with the patented assessment tool, FitnessAge!

If desired, we will assess your fitness level, upon starting with us, and then after a few weeks prove to you that you are truly succeeding with your goals by showing you, you have many years you have earned back through your focused efforts.

Finally! An assessment that’s easy to understand.  No fancy charts or things I don’t understand.  Just a FitnessAge. So easy!” – Christy Rogers


“The most motivating experience I have ever had to get in shape.” – Jennifer Stewart



“FitnessAge cost me $100 in long distance bills. My wife has a FitnessAge of 18 so she called everyone she knew in the world to tell them.” -Robert Reynolds


“… and easy. Highly motivating.” -CBS Morning News


The FitnessAge measurement is being used exclusively at FitnessUnlimited2 and could very well be the motivation you need to take your health and fitness to the next level, afterall…we are all very sensitive about our age, and our goal is to help you lower yours.

“Amazing! Even though I came out 11 years younger than my actual age, I am now even more motivated to have a younger FitnessAge. This is a great assessment.”


1). Guidance- Having a trained, PASSIONATE, professional by your side to help you understand why you are being asked to do what you are doing makes all the difference in the world.

2). Accountability- Most people fail or succeed as a direct result of weather or not they make themselves accountable to someone who cares enough about them to give them “tough love” to help them see their desired results. (in any area of life)

3). Mental Strategies- This, by far, is the biggest reason for success or failure in ANY endeavor in life. Too often, as a result of poor mental conditioning, most people see the cup half empty as opposed to half full.

4). Expectations- Most people, unfortunately, have been programed to expect failure (weather you want to admit it or not) Society, lack of proper guidance, and a host of other outside influences have helped lower the expectations of so many in our Country.

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